Midi flower dress + leather boots

I got this beautiful, feminine flower dress a few weeks ago when going to a wedding. I remember I tried not to look obvious and typically elegant wearing pale pink office dress (like simply everyone) so I got something completely different and perfect for everyday as well. You could see on my instagram I didn't even wear heels to make the whole look even more romantic and I guess I perfectly matched the fields. What I like about this choice is that this dress is as great to wear for everyday as for the special occasions. You could even go for the grunge or the urban style and look flawless. I find it even better looking when paired with leather boots and denim jacket. It's perfection! What do you think?

Khaki frilled dress

Right now I'm in the moment of rediscovering my old clothes. It's usually just an accident that I find something in my closet that I don't wear at all, and simply start loving it. That's how it happened with this bag from New Yorker, that I'd gotten when collaborating when this brand. I never felt like selling it or throwing away so it was just hidden in one of the boxes. Now it's my everyday bag that completes every outfit. I guess it's also a new life for these heavy biker boots form Zara, since this kind of shoes is apparently back in fashion. I wore both of these with a stunning dark green Zara dress from the newest collection and it seems like a perfect daily outfit.

Stars choker necklace

Basic black chokers with golden details are my essential elements in every daily outfit. I feel like they make the whole look way more chic and sophisticated (even the delicate ones). I decided to go one step further and find crazier necklaces and this star choker was my first choice. At first glance it look quite cheap but I think it's beautiful and combined with simple clothes make an elegant and sexy look. I got this one at Zara but Asos, Nasty Gal or Stradivarius have similar ones. 
Proste, czarne chokery ze złotymi elementami to niezbędny element moich codziennych strojów - sprawiają według mnie, że każdy zestaw wygląda bardziej szykowanie i wyszukanie (nawet te delikatne z łańcuszkami). Niedawno zdecydowałam pójść krok dalej i znaleźć ciekawsze naszyjniki tego typu, niż standardowe aksamitne. Przypadkowo ta obróżka z gwiazdek została moim pierwszym wyborem. Sama uważam, że na pierwszy rzut oka wygląda nieco tandetnie, jednak w rzeczywistości jest pięknym dodatkiem, który w połączeniu z prostymi ubraniami tworzy elegancki i seksowny strój.  Kupiłam go w Zarze, ale podobne możecie znaleźć między innymi na Asosie, Nasty Gal czy w Stradivariusie.