Leather jacket

Leather jacket - H&M Trend, Pants - Zara, Jumper - H&M Trend, Shirt - Levis, Bag - Chylak, Shoes - Zara, Sunglasses - Zara

Urban utility boots

I absolutely love heavy leather boots as the statement piece in my outfits, so black boots are definitely the major part of my collection. I remember dreaming about a pair from the Vagabond's Urban Utility campaign since the edgy, artistic vibe is what I love the most. I finally got myself the laced up ones on sale and I don't think I could've chosen any better. They perfectly fit to every one of my sets and the quality is obviously undoubted. I feel like these are really versatile - perfect with pants, dresses or even party outfits for the nights full of dance. I paired them with something pretty casual - black jeans, oversized turtle neck and shearling jacket. Pics by vay kma.