Fashion Week Poland - 3rd day


Last Saturday, the third day of FashionPhilisophy Week Poland in Lodz was actually my first day there (for some reason I couldn't have gotten there earlier) and the only one, but I spent there enough time to meet new people (Tamara, Judy, Maria, Alicja, Agnieszka, Alma, there were also Harel, Asia, Eveline, Kapuczina, Oliwia...) and see a few collections by Polish designers. Unfortunately I haven't taken more pictures but I'm posting the ones I have - Monika Ptaszek, Zuo Corp and Łukasz Jemioł. I've never been to any fashion week before so I was pretty impressed. I saw only seven collections, but the ones I liked the most were those by Łukasz Jemioł and Zuo Corp - I think that the music was also very important in here. The collections weren't really for typical summer (considering the colors) but those two took my attenion.Pity I didn't have more time to meet you all! Sorry I won't describe the collections! (you know, school).

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