NEW IN: silver loafers


Just when I thought I coulnd't find any better summer shoes than the beige ones from Zara I found these beauties! They remind me of one of the popular Gucci designs and it was just obvious that I'd buy them. First of all, I love how you can wear them two different ways and they always look super fashionable. The quality of the leather is very good and what I love the most about them is obviously the colour! You surely know that I love weird and kitchy accessories so it's probably not a surprise at all. Can't wait to wear them with all the fancy clothing I have - what about a silver total look?

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5 komentarze

  1. Przyznam, że są dosyć dziwaczne jak dla mnie, ale myślę że sama mogłabym je założyć do bardziej prostej stylizacji :)

    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam w wolnej chwili,

  2. They look beautiful!
    Had a thing for silver ankle boots during winter!