Khaki frilled dress


Right now I'm in the moment of rediscovering my old clothes. It's usually just an accident that I find something in my closet that I don't wear at all, and simply start loving it. That's how it happened with this bag from New Yorker, that I'd gotten when collaborating when this brand. I never felt like selling it or throwing away so it was just hidden in one of the boxes. Now it's my everyday bag that completes every outfit. I guess it's also a new life for these heavy biker boots form Zara, since this kind of shoes is apparently back in fashion. I wore both of these with a stunning dark green Zara dress from the newest collection and it seems like a perfect daily outfit.
Dress - Zara, Boots - Zara, Bag - New Yorker

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3 komentarze

  1. uwielbiam to połączenie delikatniej sukienki z mocnymi butami! świetne przełamanie <3

  2. Love the dress so much! Nice outfit :)