Summer sunglasses


I always have this one pair of sunglasses I keep on wearing all the time, forgetting about all the other paris hidden somewhere in the box. Actually, I go on sunglasses shopping pretty often so my collection isn't as big as it could be. Mostly because I love edgy eywear that I look completely ridicolous in and there's always someone to tell me that (so I just give up and leave with nothing). Today I'm showing you a few pairs I found on that I'd definitely go for when choosing the right pair. 
I know Aviators had their time a few years ago but I guess I noticed their perfection just now. Also, I love all the round frames (Rayban has lots of them) and the weird ones that aren't included in the collage. Actually, I think that every shape is fashionable now so there's no need to buy only the most popular ones. Go crazy and be unique - it's important to have some statement accessories to make to whole outfit more chic. Anyway, you can find many amazing sunglasses (like Aviators, not only by Rayban) on lenskart and I hope you'll find something for yourself.

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